On Setting…

On Setting…

And I don’t mean setting as in fiction writing when ‘the setting includes the historical moment in time and geographic location in which a story takes place, and helps initiate the main backdrop and mood for a story.’ (from Setting (Narrative) Wikipedia.)

I mean your setting. Your ‘historical moment in time’, ‘geographical location’,
and ‘mood’ when you write. For me, I go into my room and close the door, I open
my curtains, and turn on my glitter lamp (yep, glitter, not lava. Totally
sweet.) I’ll either set up my mini DVD player with a movie that I’ve seen a
dozen times (So it doesn’t distract me) that has the same theme or tone as what
I’m writing, or put in a CD to be a ‘soundtrack’ to my writing. I put the lap
top on my white, wooden desk, and sit down. Maybe I’ll have a drink or tea, or
hot chocolate, depending on what I am writing.

Then, after, you know, turning on the laptop (A crucial step…) and opening up whatever file I am going to write in, I would suggest one more thing. Repeat after me: Do. Not. Turn. On. The. Internet. It will suck you in, and before you know it, all the precious time
you set aside for writing has been wasted pressing ‘Like’, or playing Songpop
with people you don’t even really know all that well (this goes for homework,
too!) It’s part of you setting, not a good part like your CD’s ‘soundtrack’

So, before you can really get down and write, you have to make your environment
peaceful, and calming, and, like the music, helpful to whatever you are
writing. For me, I need my open window, and relevant background noise, my
special desk and chair, and no internet!  

What about you? What helps put you in the moodfor writing? What do you like to part of your setting for writing?


2 thoughts on “On Setting…

  1. No matter what I am doing, I absolutely NEED backround noise. I either turn on music, a dvd, or play a book on tape quietly. When writing, I just sit in my bed, and maybe have a coffee. My laptop is in my lap and I’m super cozy!

  2. Like you I need windows. It’s so hard to write in a room without any natural light, which is a shame because that is what I have for a “study” at the moment.

    I also like being in a room alone if possible, but I have written with people chitting and chatting around me (I’ll just have to edit it in solitude…lol).

    I used to use music, but I cannot write when the music has lyrics. It distracts my brain, but instrumental music sometimes works, or just white noise. Rain is always a mood setter!

    I write physically in a book and then transfer to a computer, but I will have to experiment with just using a word processor.

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