On Music…

            When I was a little girl, I went on a school trip to the Symphony. There, someone read a story about a special flute. It was then I decided I wanted to learn to play the flute. And I did learn to play. Eventually I realized that only though a story was I inspired to play flute, the written word meaning more to me than actually hearing the flute music, even though the music was special to me. I think about that every time I play. My flute is named Grimm, after the brothers Grimm, because when I play I like to think of stories that relate to the music. They are usually fairytales.

Whenever I write I like to listen to music. It is like a soundtrack. The music helps me to visualize what I am writing. Sometimes I will be stuck writing, and then a good song will come on. That can be the driving force to make my story move forward. Music and writing always go hand in hand for me. Do you have any special music you like to listen to while writing? Or special music and stories that you always put together? Right now, I’m listening to Enya and a CD of Renaissance music.  Yeah, guess what kind of story I’m writing 😉

Post Script, here is a link to a website that has the flute story I was talking about http://www.davidmaslanka.com/wind-ensemble/alex-and-the-phantom-band/


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