On Writing It Down, Part II…

Since I last posted on ‘writing it down’, I have discovered another joy of the
practice. Specifically, writing down good lines. I have half a page filled up
with quips I can’t wait for my characters to say, well, as soon as I figure out
a situation for them to say them in. I am not very quick on my feet in
conversations, and tend to mull over them later wondering what I could have
said better, or just said at all. And from that comes my page dedicated to good
lines. Here is a good quote I found on conversation, that I found applicable for
writing dialogue. ‘In conversation, humor is worth more than wit and easiness more than knowledge.’ – George Herbert. Well said! And so I hope that my collection of
lines that I will someday actually put into the mouths of my characters follow
those guidelines. Even if I am still a dull conversationalist, at least my characters never will be!


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