‘You’ll go out of business if you think people are stupid.’ – Steven Moffat

Here is another quote from Steven Moffat that goes a bit more in depth: ‘I can’t see what’s wrong about assuming intelligence in your audience and what’s bad news about being rewarded for assuming that.’ – Steven Moffat. Have you ever been reading a book where the writer goes into such painstaking detail to describe what is going on or the emotions of the character, and you’re left going, ‘Please, I’m not an idiot! I get what’s going on!’ Yep. That’s what Steven Moffat warns against. As a writer, it can be easy to forget the reader is smarter than you might think. It takes so much time and energy to come up with a scene, we want to share with the reader everything we see and feel and came up with. But they don’t need all that information, because they will figure it out. So no more scene like ‘She rolled her eyes, “Oh? Really? I never would have guessed…” she said sarcastically.’ Yep, nope, that doesn’t work. So repeat this mantra, ‘The reader is smart. The reader will figure it out. The reader is smart. The reader will figure it out.’ Be like Moffat, assume your reader is smart, because you want smart readers, don’t you?


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