On Writer’s Retreats…

Camping; that sweet expedition into the cool of the forest on a mission to relax. Nature, fresh air, all the time in the world. And then there’s me, sitting at the picnic table on the laptop with earbuds in typing away furiously on a story. All the retired camper couples sniff their noses at me and my generation. But they don’t get it. I bet all you writers out there do. To sit in the fresh air and be unimpeded by work, school, to-do-lists, stress – and just write. There’s hardly anything like it in the world. A writer’s retreat. Just you, your writings, and… okay, just you and your writings. No internet. No television. No cell phone! (All right, I give in – no cell phone except for in case of emergencies. OMG texts from your friends don’t count as emergencies.) Sounds great, doesn’t it? But there is the trouble of making time to actually do it… sometime soon, or I might go insane! Do you have any special memories of a writer’s retreat? Or just your own retreat into writing?


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