On Book Addiction…

Hi, my name is Ivanna Read, *Hi, Ivanna,* And I am addicted to books. I will recite the book addict’s pledge.
I will read every book I own before I buy more books. (But that would account for 75% of the books on my bookshelves!)
I will write down the titles and authors of books that look interesting before I buy them. (I don’t think I have enough paper…)
I will not buy three bags of books that I think look good from library book sales at two dollars a bag. (But it is such a good deal!)
I will then decide if I want to keep those books or donate, pass along, or re-donate them to the library. (But I just bought them from the library book sale that only comes twice a year! Or every Saturday. Or in the basement. Depending on the library…)
I will not buy another bookshelf for the aforementioned books unless I decide to keep them. (Totally keeping! Bookshelf six, here I come!)
I will keep a strict list of books I want to buy and adhere to that list only when purchasing books. (I can do that! My list, it’ll take me awhile to get all 154, but I can do it!)

Please tell me I am not alone on this?


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