On Why Writer’s Should Come With Warning Labels…

As a writer, I would like all my friends and anyone I have ever had a conversation with know that if I ever suddenly become very animated while you are talking, I am not insane. It’s just that whatever you just said has given me an idea for a story. At that point, I’m sorry if I suddenly get a shorter attention span than usual. Or the reverse of that, where I suddenly become very silent and pensive, and pretty much lose all comprehension of what you are saying. I would also like to apologies if I sometimes over examine the structure of a book or movie’s plot at great lengths while we are still watching it. And if we are talking and I start rambling on about my stories, even though it was just barely related to whatever topic we were talking about. Or if we are talking about something that happened to you, or anyone, and I suddenly stop and say ‘That would make a good story.’ Or I say something, stop, exclaim, and then state that whatever I said is going into a story. I am sorry if any of these writer-ish idiosyncrasies have caused you any distress. But I’m a writer. It’s just who I am.


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