On the coupon, the writer, and her wardrobe…

Setting is important to writers. The setting is how something looks, how it can be described, what it symbolizes or contributes. Like my wardrobe. When I am reading or writing a mystery or a spy story, I find myself dressing as I would expect those protagonists to dress. Leather knee high boots, black tees, and dark sunglasses. For fantasy or fairytales, I begin wearing flowing tops, with earthy colors and patterns, and Robin Hood like boots. For super heroes (the most worn outfits in my wardrobe) a tee with the Kryptonian symbol of hope (if you don’t know, that’s what Superman’s ‘S’ really is), or a tee boldly emblazed with the Marvel logo. With each outfit change, I take on the identity of a different one of my characters. So yesterday when I went shopping at a thrift store, with a coupon, it was like I bought three more characters. I need a bigger closet.


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